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My session with Lisa was literally mind-blowing. It was beyond what I thought a Past Life Regression who bring up for me. It was incredibly real, and I could feel the emotion of it all. Lisa effortlessly guided me (via Skype) into a deeply connected space where I could recollect anything at all she asked. The entire time, I felt safe, connected and held by the energy she created. The insights I garnered helped me to feel so much more confident about my current path in life and recognize with a deep sense of certainty, that I've been training for my current role for so many lifetimes before. Finding a good spiritual guide isn't always easy, and having experienced firsthand her skill, I have since recommended Lisa to a number of friends. After having their sessions, they have all come back to me to thank me for finding her. I really can't recommend her highly enough. 


I have been so blessed in the work with Lisa to heal my inner child. Lisa guided me to release, harmonise, heal and bring love to the inner parts of me that needed it the most. By being present with my inner child, and with the aspects of me that suffered in the past, with Lisa's skilful guidance, I was able not only to bring deep peace, love and healing to my past, but also to listen to the wisdom that came from it. It was as if all the aspects of me that felt disconnected from me through painful memories, were asking me to be re-integrated into my being, so that they could bring into the present moment all the gifts that have been waiting for me to be received. All the joy, the strength, the bliss, the wisdom, the life that wanted to emerge in me was allowed to do so, in a place of deep reverence and peace. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Lisa's work, she is a true gift to the world. Thank you, Paola