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Dragon's Blood Aromatherapy Mist

Dragon’s Blood Aromatherapy Mist awakens and illuminates the feminine essence of every modern woman. This self-love tonic centers around a ruby red resin that is primarily found in a certain species of trees and plants. Oil is extracted from the resin, enhanced with a few other healing essential oils, and crafted into a luxurious mist with an intoxicating scent. Each enchanting bottle is then blessed under the full moon. Use this mystical spray as an energetic cleanser to protect and purify your sacred body and space, attract true passion and prosperity, and inspire and renew the divine goddess within.

-Large 4oz Glass Bottle
-Full moon blessed
-High quality oil/product
-Eliminate tension and stress

$22 + Free Shipping

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Dragon’s Blood Mist &Wild Sage Bundle

Ready to spice up your rituals? Add some wild sage!