The Art of Embodiment Meditation CD


Unravel the limitation you believed existed in your world and uncover the essence of your unique self. Prepare to be regressed to a previous time and space- emerging into your current body and lifetime. Explore the exuberant expression of your being, and bask in the radiance of the true you!

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2291230Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow

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Have you been trying to make big changes in your life, and feeling a little stuck? Like it should be moving faster, changing quicker, and feeling better faster? Well, what most people do not consider is that the space they live in has a vibration, and that vibration reflects what is drawn into their life! Get ready for an adventure in abundance flow!

- Are YOU an Energy Hoarder?

- The 5 "Faster Flow" Musts!

- "Let it Flow" Clearings

- Let it Flow Bonus Segment: Body Feng Shui


The Alive Relationship

Journey and Telecall Series

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-3 Segment Telecall

-The Alive Relationship Journey (Past Life Regression MP3)

The Last Day of Limitation

A journey for those who are ready to create all that they desire...

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This is the moment, the much anticipated shift and transition into a new world...are you sensing the intensity yet?

Life, as we have previously experienced it, will never be the same. We can now have access to energies that haven't yet been available to us. We can now have the ability to not only create our future, but to dissolve the illusion and limitation of our pasts. We can now have a clear knowing and perspective of what being alive truly is.

But you must choose...to bravely walk into this new timeless reality. You must choose...to only see the perfection of your existence. You must choose...to reveal aspects of you that have never emerged. Are you willing?

Welcome to The Last Day of Limitation.

Using hypnosis, you will be guided into a magical and majestic world. A space that you can now call home, a space that you can now call...you. We will unravel the web of lies and limitations that used to exist, break down the barriers of despair and defeat that crept into your world, and throw rocks through the sea of distorted thinking that had slowly spread across your reality. You will walk away with a new sense of peace, a new sense of grace, and a very steady and eternal gaze on the divine expression of you.

4981879The Hidden Treasure Teleseries

Journey and Telecall Series

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3 Week Telecall Series

Diamonds on the Souls of Your Shoes-MP3 Regression Journey

7669454Womb With a View

Journey and Telecall Series

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Merging the Bliss of a Child's World with the Knowing of the Adults

Is it possible to re-live the miracle of your birth, or the magic of being a child? Did you ever wonder what your life could look like today if you hadn’t been saturated with judgment, fear, and limiting beliefs along the way? What if you had never strayed from living in the vibration of pure awareness? Buckle up your car seat “baby”, and get ready for the ride of your lifetime!

The Soul Train Teleseries

Hop the Express, Get on the Fast Track to Destination...YOU!


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Come with me on a journey to your infiniteness! Using guided meditation, and light hypnosis, Lisa will take you to places and spaces where judgment and head chatter don't exist. Come with the intention of changing what isn't working for you, creating more of what does, and bask in the essence of the true YOU!

Full recorded MP3's so you can listen as often as you like (each time will be a different experience, so have fun clearing a lot of limitation!)

First Stop: Soul World - Be aware of your being, without a body. From this space, you can finally perceive where EVERYTHING is possible. Then come back to your body, creating from all of the knowing you have experienced!

Second Stop: Regression - Experience other lifetimes, free yourself by clearing all of the "stuck" energetic limitations you have held onto in this lifetime, and allow yourself to be entirely FREE to choose and create your life!

Third Stop: Progression - Catch a glimpse of your future, based on the changes and choices of today! A very fun and wild ride!