What is the process of a session?

Each session begins with a discussion of your intentions. Why are you here? Is there something you would you like to add or subtract from your life? I gather this kind of information and then tailor the session to fit your needs.  

How do I know that what I'm seeing/experiencing under hypnosis is real?

 You don't. You will never have 100% proof that what you are recalling is certain truth. Yet how many of our spiritual beliefs are provable? If you asked me my personal opinion, I would tell you that regression work is one of the greatest truths I've ever encountered, because my life is drastically changed from this work. So many emotional cords, vows, and fears have been cut, burned, and fizzled out of my existence, and previous gifts, abilities, and qualities have been added to my existence as Lisa. The bottom line is that it doesn't have to be real for the session experience to make an enormous impact.

What kind of results can I expect? 

Results can be all across the board, but one thing each session has in common, is that you will notice changes right away. I have seen clients who had previously lived each day in chronic pain come out of a session and suddenly drop the pain and the need for medication. I have seen people speak in other languages, and find love

Why are soul-based methods used for

Past life regression therapy is a extraordinary technique used to bring awareness and healing of many dimensions to your current life experience. Sometimes a pattern is required, where we weave into multiple lives. Particularly those with addictions tend to benefit from progression sessions, because they can "see" the 2 possible outcomes of their future, the choice of living with the addiction, or their choice to live without. This technique is so powerful because it vividly projects the drastic difference that one could experience for the rest of their days.