If you can imagine a goddess, then you can surely live like one.
— Lisa Devine

Life Counseling

It's important that we make it a priority to nurture and tend to our selves, our relationships, and our souls. How else can we reflect on and release the stuff that is no longer serving us? It would be my honor to join, guide, and empower you as you grow your glowing and radiant life and future. 


Magdalene Woman

We have many roles as women, and we often drain ourselves trying to be perfect in each one. But eventually we have to stop and acknowledge the truth; We are the heart and soul of our families, and we are needed and loved beyond comprehension. Shouldn't love and care for ourselves be the first priority?

Magdalene Marriage.JPG

Magdalene Marriage

Our romantic relationships are an invaluable tool for our growth and happiness. One of the keys to it's success is to practice keeping an unbreakable gaze with the other's light, to stay in love, without feeling trapped by insecurity, judgement, doubt, and blame. Our unions should be intoxicating, not constant struggle. 


Magdalene Mother

We are raising the world's future, so I don't take my job as a mother lightly. It is my mission to raise healthy, spiritually-sound children who are aware of their strengths, who act in kindness, and who are ready to lead, if they should feel called. Are you ready to nurture your child's greatness?

*Sessions are held in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Phone sessions are recorded, so you will receive an emailed copy of our conversation following the session.