Magdalene Muse

The mysterious biblical figure, Mary Magdalene, has captured and intrigued me for many years. She remained a deep mystery to me for decades, provoking my thoughts daily, until she was reintroduced in a much different light. I began past life regression training in 2008. I came to find out within the first few days of studying, that my teacher was quite connected to biblical times, and had a completely different perspective of Mary Magdalene than most organized religions.

In fact, many modern opinions revealed the fact that she was a gifted healer, a visionary, a woman of faith, and the exalted wife and equal of Jesus Christ. This information spiritually rocked me. Needless to say, it stirred up more curiosity and fascination in me. I got my hands on any material that could shed light on the enigma that is Mary Magdalene. But her essence eventually filled my veins, and my journey evolved from research, to the extraordinary relationship that subtly unfolded between us... 

She began to speak to me, softly and clearly.
Showing me her memories in dreams, glimpses of her living experience. She pulsed through me, calling me to remember.
Willing me to carry on her wildly holy spirit. 

She has become one of the most sacred presences in my life, and The Modern Magdalene is a tribute to her faith and character. A woman who was intent on spreading the message of love and light.