Your Session Experience

Struggles arise for all of us; they are a natural part of life. There are always huge blessings at the brim of our struggles, but its getting to the brim, while we are suffering, that can be downright exhausting! It's true that traditional talk therapy can be a very effective tool for easing our emotional pain, as it allows us to extensively process the struggles in our daily lives. But while traditional therapy can create a temporary fix, the struggle often shows up again some time later, in a new form or fashion.

I have found that a spiritual philosophy and approach gets to the root of our struggles faster, and then completely dissolves them so that they can't arise again. Because our deepest wounds resonate on a soul-level, that means that the struggles we undergo in life are usually ones we have experienced repeatedly in other realms. So if we have a deep rooted struggle or wound in this lifetime, it is most likely not going to heal the soul completely to just skim the emotional surface of the pain. It's necessary to focus beyond the pain and go directly within, to the birth of the wound.

Spiritual Counseling or Hypnotic Regression sessions are both safe and profoundly effective therapies, specifically designed to truly free people of their anxieties and struggles. Each session is vastly unique, but all are based in the formal practices of counseling and hypnotherapy, with philosophies and techniques of kundalini yoga and pranayama (breath work) gently woven through.


Whether it's a Regression or Spiritual Counseling session, my intention for each client is for them to walk away afterwards feeling inspired, awake, and alive. Below are some other benefits you may experience following a private session:

  • Surges of creativity and passion; The desire to manifest. 
  • Shedding of addictions and/or attachments.
  • Positive body and health transformations; A renewed sense of youthfulness, lightness, nourishment and beauty.
  • Relationships strengthening, deepening, and refueling with purpose.
  • The feelings of connection, empowerment, and confidence; A clear sense of self-love.
  • A new zest for life.
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