*Sessions are held in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Sessions by phone will receive an recorded copy of the experience following the session. 


Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered who you were before you were...well, you? Have you ever wished you could witness yourself in the future? Or even glimpse a future life?! Would you dare a face-to-face visit with your guardian angels, spirit guides, or the divine presence itself?

If you said yes to any of these questions, a past-life regression session may be your life-transformation and freedom catalyst. This experience is an exploration into the depth, essence, and raw beauty of your soul. By way of light hypnosis, you are safely and lovingly guided to an ethereal realm, connecting you with infinite wisdom and meaning. The depths of these sessions are profound and boundless. 







Divine Guidance 

Almost 9 years ago, during a very powerful regression training, I began to literally see things in the air, and the ability has never gone away. These bubbles, orbs, and ripples surround and glide among living things: especially animals, children, and nature. This last year, they began speaking to me (finally!), and have introduced themselves as the angelic realm (quite a coincidence, as my family and I have just moved to the City of Angels a year ago). I have been in communication with this presence every day since, and recently they have asked me to extend our sacred conversations to those who are seeking divine guidance. Combined with my professional experience and education as a Counselor, these sessions are powerful opportunities to gently (but effectively) get to the root of our pain and trauma, and to fully release what is no longer serving our lives. 

A Divine Guidance Session is also a great fit for Healers and Spiritual Teachers. It is wild and holy hour-long spiritual time-out from your busy everyday life. It's the perfect time to ask your burning questions, and immerse yourself in divine perspective, purpose, and transformational love.