A Romance With Life...It's My Promise



Sometimes the way to get ahead, is to look behind. Past-Life and Inner-Child Therapies are both unique techniques that hold the power to profoundly heal past aspects of ourselves that keep us in the "stuck" patterns in our lives. Unhealthy patterns and beliefs can be eliminated from your life within one session. Results amplify with consecutive sessions. This is the stuff that Transformation Sessions are made of! 

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Life transformation requires a cleanse and purge of old energy, and practices that revive and rebirth new prana. Stay tuned for tips on how to incorporate these methods into your daily life, and what they create and inspire. A few of my personal favorites: 

Tantra, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing), Kundalini yoga, Prayer, Mudra, Divine Home Design, and Ayurvedic cooking.  



If you want each day to reflect spiritual luxury, it all comes down to self-love. Your life will become a ceremony, ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of moon. I use a combination of many things to stay merged with the divine. My rituals are a blend of:

Creating alters, Sage, Herbs, Candles, Oils, Crystals, Malas, Jade eggs, Dream Catchers, Roses, Champagne, Tea, Cards, Salt Lamps, and Dancing.

Session Details

Transformation Sessions are held in-person, by phone, or Skype. Be mindful to wear loose and comfortable clothing, and to follow up your sessions with plenty of water (not too much water beforehand; you don't want to be distracted with a full bladder!).


Below are some other benefits you may experience following a transformation session:

  • Surges of creativity and passion; The desire to manifest. 

  • Shedding of addictions and/or attachments.

  • Positive body and health transformations; A renewed sense of youthfulness, lightness, nourishment and beauty.

  • Relationships strengthening, deepening, and refueling with purpose.

  • The feelings of connection, empowerment, and confidence; A clear sense of self-love.

  • A new zest for life.