Have you ever caught yourself wishing that the clouds would part, and divine presence itself would swoop in to intervene in your life? 

Have you ever dreamt that you could sit back and relax while an army of angels illuminated your life, gave you the answers, disclosed your purpose, and offered the quickest shortcuts to your greatest desires? 

What if I told you these fantasies were entirely possible? What if I told you that this is what an Angel Intuitive Reading is? 

I began visually seeing angels almost 10 years ago, after experiencing a profound healing while training with my spiritual teacher, Julia Ingram. At the time, I did not know that these synchronized orbs floating around children, animals, and nature were the angelic realm, but it was always an exquisite sight to witness none-the-less. 

Then after a move to Los Angeles (the city of angels, ironically) a few years ago, these heavenly beings introduced themselves to me as angels. I worked with the angels extensively (that’s another story for another time), until I was guided to make our sacred practice available to my clients.