Burning Question Tarot Reading

Throughout each day, we are busy devoted to the many areas of our lives. But being consumed by our daily chaos doesn't usually leave us enough time and attention to ponder the big questions; 

Who or where is my soulmate? What is my life purpose? How can I call in more money? Should I quit my job? Which paths will lead me to my desire?

Let me help you speed up where your spirit slacked off. Burning Questions Tarot Readings combine my intuitive superpower with the spiritual wisdom of the tarot. After your reading is booked, you will be prompted to email a question or two that you would like some spiritual insight on (or you can always just write HELP and I'll deep dive right into the areas of your life that spirit directs me to). Within 48 hours, you will receive an email with a 15-20 minute audio recording of my experience swimming in the ethereal waters of your soul’s truth, and the treasured answers it contains. 

There is no obligation on your end but to sit back, relax, sip some tea, and listen at your leisure.

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Burning Question Tarot Reading-3 Pack

This offer is for my favorite people…the sweet souls who live and lead with the heart. Because what’s better than gushing about your awesome tarot reading? Hearing your two closest spiritual buddies gush about theirs too, of course! 

I like to reward that "more is merrier" thinking. So…here’s my way of doing so. An epic price, for 3 epic readings. So the web of love expands, as light gets to reveal itself in 3 futures!